What’s your story?

Maybe you’ve written a novel about identical twins and their romantic foibles, or time-traveling vampires, or an epic account of a family of circus performers. Maybe you’ve written a book of satirical short stories that skewer the hypocrisies and illuminate the hidden wonders and beauties of our modern age. Maybe you’ve written a memoir about family, about tragedy and redemption, about overcoming obstacles most people can barely imagine, about love and death, or about your stint in the French Foreign Legion. Maybe you're an expert in lucid dreaming or starting a business on a budget or how to get your cat or dog paid work starring in TV commercials. Maybe you’ve written a dissertation you’d like to turn into a full-length book with appeal beyond academia.

Whatever your story is, it can only come from one person—you. And that's why, first and foremost, my goal is to help you tell your story in the most effective, reader-friendly and original way possible.

What do you want?

What’s the goal of your book? Maybe it’s to entertain, to sweep readers into a magical world, to make them laugh, to keep them guessing about who the killer is until the very end.

Maybe it's to startle, to shake up, to offer an original commentary on the modern world.

Maybe it’s to inform, to teach, to offer insight from your own life, your own experiences.

All of these goals are valuable and meaningful, but none of them can be accomplished unless you realize your overarching mission: to keep readers immersed in your world. To keep them engaged. You want your book to be a book they can’t put down––and a book they can't wait to get back to. There are many, many elements that go into creating an unforgettable story.  A compelling plot…a unique point of view or narrative voice…a vivid and musical prose style…a feeling of urgency...a sense of conflict…and characters who, just like real people, are flawed and hopeful. Mastering these elements takes a lot of time. It can be overwhelming. Like an intricate Rube Goldberg machine, if one component breaks down it can affect the whole contraption. If you work with me, we’ll address them all: plot, story (note: they're not the same thing!), structure, pacing, character, voice, language.

Further, we can develop an action plan for selling or marketing your book.

Why Hire an Editor?

NO writer can see all the flaws in their own work. We all need to gain distance, and we all need second (and maybe third and fourth) opinions. Many novice writers’ impulse is to seek the feedback of their friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with getting feedback wherever you can, but casual readers are not a substitute for a professional editor. For one thing, casual readers may know something's off, but be at a loss to explain exactly what it is or--most importantly--what you can do to fix it. "Well, this character didn't feel believable to me," they might say. Or "I don't like the narrator. I found it hard to sympathize with him/her." That's good to know...but where do you go from there? Throw it all out and start over? Rewrite from a different character's point of view? You need specifics. New ways of looking at your work. And concrete, positive ideas for moving your work to the next level.  Constructive criticism is a skill and an art. Anyone who's been in a creative writing workshop has experienced this--the well-meaning critique that nevertheless leaves you feeling demoralized and dejected.

What you need is a high level of analysis from someone who understands each component of a story and how each affects the other. My critiques and comments are rigorous and honest. But I always come from a place of empathy and kindness. I know how hard it is to write, and how much self-doubt arises when you try to put yourself out there. This is true whether you've written a food memoir or the next (hopefully) best-selling Young Adult novel.

When I work with you, I’m drawing from an array of skills developed over the last twenty years—as a writer myself, a professor of writing, a long-time editor, and a voracious reader, I have a deep knowledge and understanding of what makes a novel—or a short story, memoir, or nonfiction book—work. I approach each project on its own terms, utilizing finely honed analytic skills as well as a heavy helping of intuition.

My job is not to be a yes-man (or in this case, woman). I'm not going to lavish false praise on your work--but I WILL tell you what IS working. And I'll be frank and ruthlessly honest about what's not. What I won't do is rewrite your story for you. And I won't make any promises about agents, editors, publishing, or sales. To be perfectly honest, despite what loads of websites will tell you, there is NO guarantee of anything when it come to publishing. But I can assure you that your work will be given careful attention and will be approached on its own terms. And that if you keep at it, the rewards--external or internal--will come.

GET A Free Sample Edit


Contact me with a description of your project and what you're looking for. I'm happy to complete a sample edit of the first few pages of your manuscript or document so you can get a sense of my style and determine whether I'd be a good fit. Turnaround time is generally 2–3 days, depending on scheduling.