Manuscript Consultation

• Suitable for fiction and narrative nonfiction manuscripts that have undergone at least one revision.

• A complete read-through in which I will make notes in the MS concerning big-picture issues such as plot, structure, characterization, point of view, language and style.

• A 5–7 page critique of the overall story, detailing strengths and weaknesses, including characterization, dialogue, plausibility, pacing, tension and conflict, issues with exposition vs. description. I will make specific suggestions for how to make the story stronger. I'll often include links to web articles and suggestions for novels (or memoirs) similar to yours in style and tone.

• A one-hour phone conversation in which we go over my critique and address any questions or concerns you have about my editorial decisions.

• MS consultations do not include a line edit.

Rate: $50/hr.



• Suitable for manuscripts of any type that have been through several stages of revision and just need a final polishing before being sent out into the world.

• Includes correction of typos, fixing mechanical/grammatical issues, and very light copy editing, if necessary.

Rate: $30/hr.


NOTE: All rates are based on guidelines set by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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line edit/copy edit

• Suitable for fiction and narrative nonfiction manuscripts at all levels of revision, as well as general nonfiction.

• I offer copyediting services at two levels: Light and Medium. I'll help you determine which level best suits your manuscript at its current stage.

• Light edit: I will correct all mechanical and grammatical problems and note issues with wordiness, repetition, clumsy or confusing syntax, less-than-ideal word choices/vocabulary, and problematic sentence structures.

• Medium edit: includes all of the above plus touches on larger story issues.

• A 1-2 page summary of my editing decisions, with specific suggestions for improving your story at the language level.

Rate: $35–45/hr.


Academic Edit

I have edited theses, dissertations, and scholarly articles in every subject imaginable, ranging from archaeology to comparative literature. I excel at soft sciences, humanities, literature, and political subject matter, and have expert knowledge of MLA, APA, Chicago, and most other major style guides. I do not edit mathematics and hard sciences.

• I offer copy editing as well as formatting of your paper or thesis according to the recommended style guide. I'll also do light fact-checking to ensure all source names are spelled correctly and that any referenced website links are active. In-house style guides provided by your learning institution or specific department are welcomed.

• I do not do developmental/content editing for academic writing.

Rate: $35–45/hr.